Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nokia comes up with a slew of announcements in MWC

The big daddy of mobile phones is surely in overdrive as far as announcements, launches and alliances goes. The company has launched its first 8 megapixel cam phone, the N86, and claims that the phone "is comparable to that of a high quality, stand-alone digital camera." The 2.6 inch screen is a bit of a dampener though, when compared to the recent launches by other smartphone manufacturers.

Nokia also launched 2 business-centric devices - E55 and E75, to spruce up their enterprise device portfolio, an upgrade to their Navigator - the 6710, which has been integrated with Ovi and the latest in the Classic series - the 6720.

In the meantime, the company has also announced its alliances with Skype, Qualcomm & Adobe apart from launching their app store on Ovi. Phew!

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